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By | July 19, 2020

distance education up

distance education up

Distance Education

Unit for Distance Education

The University of Pretoria is a comprehensive contact tertiary institution and one of the top of the line research universities in South Africa. In 2002, the University of Pretoria decided to launch a distance training initiative inside its Faculty of Education. The cause of this initiative is to play a constructive role in addressing the dire need among practicing instructors, particularly in rural areas, to enhance their qualifications. See Also-distance education up

The Unit for Distance Education at the University of Pretoria is particularly accountable for this initiative. The Unit for Distance Education acts as a focus from wherein all related sports and commercial enterprise processes are coordinated. The Unit of Distance Education itself includes a manager, two administrative body of workers members, an accountant, a researcher and a learning designer.


Prospective students observe to be registered as university students of the University of Pretoria with the aid of completing an application form and attach certified copies of previously obtained qualifications, a full educational report, as well as a copy of their identification documents.

If students apply for financial support from Edu-loan, a recent payslip (not older than three months) must also be submitted. Application forms will not be processed if they have not been completed in full and/or all the documents are not attached.

All applications first go through an academic selection process to determine whether prospective students comply with the minimum admission requirements. If a prospective student has also applied for an Edu-loan, the Edu-loan application is sent through to them for consideration

No prospective student will be registered unless the initial payment has been made or a loan from Edu-Loan approved.


The distance education programmes run in six-month cycles with an examination at the end of each cycle. Prospective students may register at any time of the year. However, if they enrol by 1 September, they may write their first examination in April of the following year. If they enrol by 1 March, they may write their first examination in October of the same year.



EDUTEL marketers:

EDUTEL marketers have been mandated by the University of Pretoria to market its distance education programmes throughout South Africa. These marketers inform prospective students of the distance education programmes of the Faculty of Education and will assist students to complete their application forms. EDUTEL marketers deliver these applications to the University of Pretoria. (See Contact us for further details.)

By post:

Prospective students can post their application forms to the University of Pretoria.
The postal address is:

Student Administration: Distance Education

Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria
Private bag X21

By hand:

Prospective students may hand in their application forms at Student Administration: Distance Education on the Groenkloof Campus.
The physical address is:

Student Administration: Distance Education

Letlotlo Building, Ground Floor
Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria
Groenkloof Campus
c/o George Storrar Drive and Leyds Street


  • For University of Pretoria Undergraduate Programmes for distance education kindly click here
  • For University of Pretoria Postgraduate Programmes for distance education kindly click here


The University of Pretoria is well aware of the fact that studying as a distance education student while working full time is a difficult road    to travel. It has, therefore, developed extensive academic support structures to help students succeed in their studies. These structures include the prerequisite ICT training, online tutorial support, short academic contact sessions, tutorial letters, assignments, e-library facilities, SMS messages and an enquiry call centre service.

Assignment and examination guidelines

In order to further support students in their studies, the University provides guidelines per module online. These guidelines are aimed at giving students support in completing assignments and provide more information regarding examinations.


Students must complete and  submit  assignments  online  according to the due dates stipulated in each module. The submission of all applicable assignments in each module is compulsory for admission to write the examination (or examination equivalent assignment) in that specific module.

Communication by SMS

The University makes extensive use of SMS technology to communicate information to students. SMSs are sent out to inform students when learning material has been posted online and when textbooks have been dispatched, to remind them of due dates for assignments, and to remind them to enrol for examinations.

​Admin Booklet

Students have access to two administration booklets. Admin Booklet 1 will be accessed by students digitally on ClickUP from the start of their studies. Admin Booklet 2 will be provided digitally only, and updated every six months. These booklets contain detailed information about administrative and logistical issues.


Each module has a dedicated e-library page, which provides access to all resources required to complete learning activities.


For University of Pretoria Programme Cycle for Distance education click here

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