How to Apply Sol Plaatje online 2024-2025

By | February 28, 2023

How to Apply Sol Plaatje online 2024-2025

How to Apply Sol Plaatje online 2024-2025

How to Apply Sol Plaatje online 2024-2025

You will learn how to apply online for Sol Plaatje in 2024–2025 on this page.

How to Apply

  • You can log in at login?numtype=S. for additional details. The application process will begin.
  • By clicking the icon next to it, you can apply, register, update your personal information, and access academic and other information.
    your complete name and contact information. Click “Save” to save your pin.
    The system generated a reference number when your biographical data was stored; Your student number will eventually be derived from this reference number.
    The student online system is currently open to you.
    Selecting “Application” is the first step in viewing the applicable rules.
    After reading the instructions for academic applications, click “I Accept.”
    To locate your senior secondary school on the list of values, click “Schools Attended” followed by “List of Values.”
    Please select the proper school.
    After entering the beginning year and month as well as the ending year and month, select “SAVE.” To correct errors, select “Delete” followed by “SAVE.”
    Click it to access School Leaving Subjects.
    Make use of the list of interconnected tenets that go along with your graduation subjects, grades, and symbols. Click “SAVE” after selecting the appropriate Subject.
    Click “Certificates viewed” after that.
    Select ID, then “SAVE,” to upload a scanned document.
    Click “Disabilities” followed by “SAVE” to indicate any disabilities.
    Simply select “Submit Application.”
    After selecting the qualification, complete the following information: 1. Favorite Class Subject (Select 1) To move on, select “SAVE.”
    Click “View Completed Application(s)” to view the qualifications for which you have applied.
    Select “Personal Contact Detail” after that. Your Next of Kin phone number, email address, and other information can now all be updated online. If necessary, select “CELL NUMBER,” then “SAVE,” and then enter your new mobile number there. Your email address is included in this as well.
    Select “Address Validation” next. Click the list of values to attach your Next of Kin or Account address. SAVE THE NEW ADDRESSES YOU CREATE.
    After submitting your application, please send an email to the admissions office at if you encounter any difficulties with the online application process.

Learn about the application requirements prior to applying from this location.

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