Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Application form 2024-2025

By | February 27, 2023

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Application form 2024-2025

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Application form 2024-2025

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Application form 2024-2025

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Application form 2024-2025 is discussed on this page.

You should also be aware of Nelson Mandela University’s (NMU) various application and admissions procedures. Your choices will determine when each application must be submitted.
The following are the NMU 2024/25 application deadlines for master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as undergraduate, honors, and postgraduate diplomas.

  • Beginning in May of that year, prospective undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students who are interested in attending Nelson Mandela University in 2024 should submit an online application.
    Online applications for admission are available to give you and the school enough time to prepare, process, and plan.

Admission applications for 2024 must be submitted by:

  • June 2024 is the deadline for MBChB applicants. By July 2024, the NBT must be completed.)
    August 2024 marks the early application deadline. The MBChB is not included.) Late applications will not be accepted until September 2024. The deadline for overseas student admissions is September 2024 (MBChB not included). The application period for student housing will end in September 2024 (MBChB is not included).
    Please remember that there is a limited amount of space available for some qualifications; consequently, please submit your online application and all supporting documentation as soon as possible. Before submitting an online application, please refer to the A-Z career homepage, faculty website, or faculty guidelines for more information on the Applicant Score (AS) and minimum pass percent per topic requirements for the qualification you are applying for.
    More information about NMU 2024 application dates can be found on the NMU entrance application page.

Download Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Online Application 2024

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University application pdf contains a list of courses, admission requirements, and all admission application information to assist you in the admissions process.

The official University of Pretoria website or the URL provided below make it simple to access and download the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Online application.

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