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By | June 18, 2020

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Why Enrol in a UPOnline Programme

The University of Pretoria has more than 112 years of experience in high-quality teaching and learning and is ranked in the top 500 universities globally.

You can now access our quality academic programmes from anywhere in the world. UPOnline is home to a growing number of part-time, fully online postgraduate programmes.

You can study anywhere, anytime and on any device without the need to travel to a campus for classes or pay for accommodation. You can further your studies while you work, and with UP behind your name, become even more employable and enjoy greater career prospects. All you need is a stable internet connection to access your modules at any time on your device.

With UPOnline, you will not be alone because there are dedicated facilitators and contactable staff ready to help, motivate you and assist with any queries you may have. The UPOnline platform is also conducive to you asking questions and consulting with your facilitators.

UPOnline programmes are designed to be highly interactive learning environments. You’ll be sharing ideas with students from around the world. Live chats, discussion forums, and online video communication tools all help you become more connected to an expansive professional network.

You can start whenever it’s convenient for you because there are 6 start dates a year. This is different to a traditional academic calendar which normally only has one enrolment opportunity in the year, for example in January.

When studying online, you only focus on, and pay for a single 8 or 16 week module at a time.

Your postgraduate journey starts here! Click here to #ChooseUP and request information on a UPOnline programme that’s relevant to you.

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Start whenever you are ready

Request information

Fully accredited UP qualification

Fully online, no need to travel

Pay for one module at a time


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