social relief grant application 2024-2025

By | May 18, 2023

social relief grant application 2024-2025

social relief grant application 2024-2025

social relief grant application 2023-2024

The official website of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a user-friendly platform that offers comprehensive information about social grants, including eligibility criteria, required documents, and application procedures. It also provides updates on grant-related changes and developments.

  • One notable feature of the SASSA website is its online application process for grants, allowing individuals to apply conveniently from home without visiting SASSA offices. The website provides detailed information about various grants, such as the Old Age Grant, Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, and Care Dependency Grant.
  • Payment options for the grants, including bank accounts, cash send, and SASSA payment cards, are explained on the website. The news section keeps individuals informed about any grant-related updates, making it important to regularly check for new information.
  • The website also offers details about SASSA office locations, operating hours, and contact information across South Africa. Common questions about social grants and the application process are answered in the FAQs section.
  • While the website provides 24/7 access to information and services, it is important to note that it may not replace the need to visit SASSA offices in some cases. Depending on the specific grant and requirements, individuals may need to complete the application process or submit documents in person.
  • Overall, the SASSA website is a valuable resource for individuals seeking information about social grants in South Africa. It provides comprehensive information, updates, and an online application process that offers convenience and accessibility to individuals applying for grants at any time and from anywhere.

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Sassa Contact information

Contact Details
Physical SASSA House, 501 Prodinsa Building, Cnr Steve Biko & Pretorius Streets, Pretoria
Tel 012 400 2000 / 0800 601 011


Visit the SRD website at


For more information on Sassa, click here

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