tukkies open day 2022-2023

By | July 11, 2020

tukkies open day 2022-2023


tukkies open day 2022-2023 : The University of Pretoria online application opening day.

Checking university opening date might be stressing for you just in light of the fact that you need the right date to enlist to seek after your heart want. This site [Pretorias.com] is here to quiet your stressing soul by giving you the exact method to check University of Pretoria opening days for 2022.

How to Check University Of Pretoria’s Opening Days.

Login to University Of Pretoria’s official website http//www.up.ac.za or University Of Pretoria student portal then navigate to open days and acquire the information you want and logout.

See how to apply university of pretoria online

tukkies open day 2021-2022

The following is a breakdown of how to apply to UP (University of Pretoria). You will discover directions on the online application. Kindly note there is no printed copy application.

The ways needed for applying to the university of  pretoria.

UPOnline  application breakdown for 2022-2023:
Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle, which commences in March every year. See Also-tukkies open day 2022-2023 tukkies open day 2022-2023

Before you begin applying online, have a look at our infographic on Things to Remember Before Applying and also checkout the Application Instructions For Applying Students

Apply to UP using the online application form

Things to note before using the online application for University of Pretoria:

  1. You’ll need an email address to complete the application. Don’t have one? Get an email address first.
  2. Have you calculated your APS?  You’ll need to do this before applying.  Find out how using this breakdown.
  3. Make sure you complete the application in full (so that there’s no delay from UP). Good internet access is necessary for your application too.
  4. Getting a UP student number does not mean you have been accepted.
  5. If you have any queries during the online application process, you can email ssc@up.ac.za or call 012 420 3111.
  6. If you are looking to study a BSc(Arch)(Architecture) or BSc (Int)(Interior Architecture), you must indicate them as your first choice on your application.
Application Fees for University of Pretoria

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of R300.

For more information, please visit the Pretorias.com Application Fee page.

Submitting Results and Documents

When applying to UP, you must ensure that all examination results from Grade 11 until September of Grade 12 are submitted. Failure to do such may result in delays within the student’s application process. You might find that you applied early in Grade 12 and thus only sent in your final Grade 11 results. If this is true, as the year progresses and you receive more results keep sending them through to UP, that way they will have all your results by the time finals come around.

Transferring students should also ensure that all transcripts and academic records are submitted as early as possible as well as that a final transcript of current studies being undertaken reaches the Admissions Office as soon as possible after receipt.

Once you have applied, keep a lookout for your acceptance and/or provisional acceptance letter. You are encouraged to monitor your application status at all times.

Please note: Once admitted or provisionally admitted, you are required to accept or decline your application online. 

If you still have questions, be sure to check out the UP information and Guidelines for Applying page.

How to complete the UP online application:

UP has one online application form. You can follow the link below and complete the application. Make sure to fill in your first and second choice of study when completing the online application form.


NOTE-Applying students should check up Application guidelines before Applying

Don’t forget to write the NBT Test

This institution requires you to write a National Benchmark test (NBT) as part of your application. Find out more information about the NBT tests here. Get on it now!

how to apply university of pretoria online

tukkies open day 2021-2022-tukkies open day 2022-2023

University of Pretoria Brief Summary Read it before Applying

The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest contact university in South Africa that produce social impact research to find solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. The University of Pretoria has a high quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, online, and communities. Pretoria has support in place for students to graduate on time as well-rounded, responsible citizens fully prepared for the world beyond university. See Also-tukkies open day 2022-2023

Once you have made an initial inquiry and it has been established by the UP Online Call Centre that you are an eligible student, you will receive communication from the University of Pretoria. This communication will provide you with a link that will give you direct access to the University of Pretoria’s Online Study Application System. This link includes a unique token for your online study application that can only be used once. Copy and paste this link into your browser’s address line. The URL will open the landing page of the University of Pretoria’s online study application system.

You will be required to provide an email address to which the University can send communication. Please take care when providing your email address not to make typing errors. Note that there are four steps to complete and these steps must be done in sequential order so that the application is correctly started.  tukkies open day 2022-2023tukkies open day 2022-2023

You will be required to capture personal and contact details, provide your previous tertiary education information, select your study choice, and upload a series of documents. You will need to have certain information ready, and have the supporting documents electronically available, without which you will not be able to complete your online application.

Contact the University of Pretoria:

For more information on how to apply to UP, you can visit their website.

Alternatively, you can contact the Contact Student Service Centre (SSC) on the following details:

Email: ssc@up.ac.za

Tel: 012 420 3111

See Also-tukkies open day 2022-2023-tukkies open day 2022-2023

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