UCT Student housing 2024-2025

By | February 22, 2023

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

The University of Cape Town (UCT) offers undergraduate and postgraduate students a variety of housing options both on and off campus.

Your stay will typically begin in a first-tier home with full catering, move to a second-tier home with senior catering or self-catering, and end in a third-tier lodging with semi-autonomous self-catering.


  • Although each property has its own unique history and customs, they all strive to leave a lasting impression on guests. Since UCT places a high value on safety, all flats have strict access controls and the majority are monitored by closed-circuit television cameras.

Students with impairments

A range of housing options is available for students with disabilities. Simply get in touch with the Disability Service and Student Accommodation Office, and they will help you with your particular requirement.

University of Cape Town (UCT) First-tier accommodation

  • First-tier housing is used for undergraduate students, who typically do not yet possess the legal drinking age. Students can eat up to three meals per day in the dining halls of these dorms. Double rooms are available in a lot of first-tier residential structures.
  • There are self-operating laundries and a gathering space for watching television, holding meetings, and socializing in these homes. Some of them have swimming pools and tables where you can play pool and other games.

University of Cape Town (UCT) Second-tier accommodation

  • Second-tier residences are used by senior undergraduate and graduate students. Catering residences serve up to three meals per day in a dining hall. The majority of second-tier housing consists of flats with two to four bedrooms. Each room can only accommodate one person.
  • You can still use the common areas with your coworker’s thanks to the resident governance systems, which make it easy to move into independent senior student housing.
  • There are self-contained laundries and a common area where residents can socialize, hold meetings, and watch television. There is a piano, pool, and table tennis, and some have access to a swimming pool.

University of Cape Town (UCT) Third-tier accommodation

  • Senior postgraduate understudies are obliged in third-level homes.
  • Superintendents screen scholastic and social prosperity in these homes. The superintendents guarantee that the houses, pads, and meticulously designed homes, like Obz Square, have a good collective life.
  • A Home Affiliation looks to lay out a superior home valuable experience because of the geological fracture of third-level convenience.
  • Most units are inside strolling distance of upper grounds or near Jammie Transport stops, and all empower simple admittance to stores and public transportation, with insignificant furniture given.
  • Swimming pools and athletic facilities at UCT are available to all residents, and some third-tier apartments have self-service laundry facilities.

Accommodations for students with spouses and dependents at the University of Cape Town (UCT)

  • Students with spouses and dependents—but only students’ own children—are welcome to stay at the JP Duminy residence. In Mowbray, it is on Main Road. It houses 42 students in apartments that are close to the upper campus, the Jammie Shuttle, and local stores.

General Housing Information Handbook

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