Unisa Online application requirements 2024-2025

By | October 24, 2022

Unisa Online application requirements 2024-2025

Unisa Online application requirements 2024-2025

Unisa Online application requirements 2024-2025

University of South (Unisa) Online Admission Requirements.

Know that the admission requirements for the university you are applying to are key if you are submitting your application online. Unisa is a great example that uses online application requirements. The documents below are the general requirements for the University of South Africa (Unisa)

University of South Africa general admission requirements for applying students.

  • Your admission to Unisa as a prospective student depends on you fulfilling all of the relevant admission requirements for your desired qualification. If you don’t meet these criteria, you might want to look into different qualifications. Click here to visit the qualifications page for undergraduate qualifications.
  • Unisa qualifications have limited small spaces available. Therefore meeting the general and / or specific admission requirements for a qualification does not give the green light that you will be given space for this academic year to study.
  • A conduct Certificate and a certified copy of your official academic transcript are needed.
  • The SAQA evaluation and the syllabus must be submitted by all international applicants.

Note to new applicants: Unisa Admission Requirements

  • A calculation of your individual points score, which is at the center of the selection process, is made using your final Grade 12 grades as well as other important details like the school you attended.
  • Before applying, please check whether you meet the statutory and college-specific admission requirements, and the needed academics points score (APS) for your chosen qualification(s). A higher certificate requires a minimum APS of 15, a diploma minimum APS of 18, and a bachelor’s degree with a minimum APS of 21 or more (some exceptions apply).

University of South (Unisa) Supporting documents for applying

Kindly note that, to start a new qualification, prospective students must upload all needed documentation, which often consists of the listed below:

  • Copy of your school qualifications (eg Senior Certificate)
  • Copy of your official tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable) (internet copies will not be accepted)
  • Copy of your ID document (RSA students) or ID / passport (international students)
  • Copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable) or divorce decree (if applicable)
  • Sworn translations of documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans

Click here for more info on the school

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