university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

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university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

The Faculty of Veterinary Science is fundamental to the economy of our united states and serves the pastimes of all of the human beings of South Africa. Well recognized for its first-class of education, studies, services and network engagement, the Faculty targets to be an internationally authorized seat of veterinary excellence. It goals to better the existence of the common South African by means of benefitting from better vitamins and the increase of the South African agro-financial system.

Being the only considered one of its kind in South Africa, the Faculty is purely accountable for the education of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. In 2017 and 2018 it become placed thirtieth and 37th amongst all veterinary faculties in the global on the international Shanghai rankings for the respective years. The Veterinary Science course has additionally been ranked forty third globally within the QS World University Rankings for 2019, the first time its direction supplying has been ranked by QS. In the equal category the Faculty is ranked fifth average within the Southern Hemisphere. Our college is self-contained at the Onderstepoort Campus, which has get right of entry to to brand new centers to make certain that you are gaining experience in working with a variety of different animals.

See 2020-2021 Undergraduate Faculty Brochure with extended closing dates for applications online

Faculty Postgraduate Brochure- For everything you want to know about postgraduate studies at the university of Pretoria faculty of veterinary science kindly click here

About university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science (Onderstepoort)


Onderstepoort is a small geographical area and is home to various organisations/institutions, light industries and small holdings. There are at least 4 distinct entities in this regard as follows:

  • The Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria
  • The University of Pretoria Biomedical Research Centre (UPBRC)
  • The Agricultural Research Council Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (ARC-OVI) and its Exotic Diseases Division (EDD) –
  • Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) –

The Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria is one of forty six veterinary schools in Africa and the best one of its kind in South Africa. It is the second one oldest faculty in Africa, dating returned to the early 1920’s. With the exception of the colleges in Khartoum (Sudan, 1938), and Cairo (Egypt, 1946), all the different African colleges were mounted after 1960.

In order to meet its assignment, the Faculty has 5 educational departments answerable for coaching, studies and provider rendering. These sports are similarly facilitated with the aid of properly developed support services provided by way of an academic medical institution, diverse departmental laboratories, fashionable and scholar administrative sections, a teaching animal unit and some of research centres. The Veterinary Academic Hospital affords kingdom of the artwork centers for the medical departments and is the focal point of the Faculty’s carrier-rendering activities to its immediately network and additionally serves as a countrywide referral facility.

The Faculty gives an undergraduate veterinary degree programme and a veterinary nursing diploma programme in addition to a spread of postgraduate degree programmes. It offers possibilities for nearby as well as global college students in its educational programmes and is committed to global accreditation in help of its pleasant assurance tactics.

Graduates of the Faculty revel in national and worldwide popularity and the BVSc degree of the University of Pretoria currently enjoys recognition for registration by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the UK, the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania in addition to by means of the applicable government in Malaysia.

Students wanting to study at the university of Pretoria faculty of veterinary science can apply here

university of Pretoria faculty of veterinary science Fees

Student Support

The Faculty of Veterinary Science gives a number of pupil help programmes to ensure that students are capable of cope with the demands of the academic and social environment in which they discover themselves at some point of their studies.

New veterinary technological know-how and veterinary nursing students are exposed to an educational records week at the beginning of the instructional 12 months. The programme affords for a diffusion of topics on the facts provided in this segment and additionally introduces students to the campus, its centers and workforce that they’re probably to fulfill throughout their first yr at Onderstepoort.

A mentor machine run through students and team of workers, gives social help to new students on the Onderstepoort campus in particular during the preliminary duration of version and the time required to locate their way around the campus and its centers.

A pupil show machine is in vicinity for students within the first year of the veterinary technology and veterinary nursing programmes. The tutors are senior college students who assist fellow students in specific academic modules beneath supervision of the applicable Head of Department. Additional assistance in time control, look at techniques, and so forth. Are offered as required. Assistance with bursary and loan arrangements is also furnished on request.

Counselling and medical offerings are to be had at the campus through appointment. Various 24-hour emergency medical facilities are situated inside a radius of 10 – 15 km of the campus.

An annual management and control focus programme is offered by using the Faculty at the side of sponsors from the personal zone to improve “human beings abilties” in an effort to acquire the preferred fine of interaction with colleagues and customers. The programme is offered to all 2d yr veterinary technology and first year veterinary nursing college students at the beginning of the instructional 12 months. See Also-university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

The student frame, in liaison with Student Administration, is chargeable for social, cultural and carrying sports.


university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

  1. Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)

Full bursaries covering tuition, accommodation and subsistence are available from the national department as well as from provincial departments of agriculture.  These bursaries are advertised during the last few months of the year and allocations made at the end of the year for the subsequent academic year.  They are all subject to a contract between the department and the recipient. Please contact or go to

  1.  University of Pretoria (UP)

The Faculty receives an allocation for bursaries on an annual basis. These bursaries may be full or partial bursaries depending on the availability of funds. They are specifically aimed at assisting students with financial need. Click on under Fees and Funding – Undergraduate Funding – Funding: UP Managed Bursaries

  1. NSFAS

Students may apply for assistance from this source on an annual basis.  Allocations are made to students with proven financial need according to accepted formulas.  These allocations are initially in the form of loans but may be converted to partial or full bursaries under specific circumstances. See their website at or go to under Fees and Funding – Undergraduate Funding – Funding: Loans (NSFAS and other)

  1. Miscellaneous

The Office of the Director: Teaching and Learning assists in the administration of a small number of bursaries sponsored by various trusts and wills, some directly and others in liaison with the bursary section of the University. The majority of these cover tuition fees either partially or in full. See Also-university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science

  1. SA Veterinary Foundation (SAVF)

The Foundation makes a small number of partial bursaries available on an annual basis. Go to

  1. Industry and private companies

Various companies are willing to sponsor veterinary students – details are available from the Client Service Centre (CSC) of the University of Pretoria (012) 420 3111

For more information on university of Pretoria faculty of veterinary science bursaries click on this link

university of Pretoria faculty of veterinary science contact details

Department/section Contact number Alternative contact number
Student Administration and Enrolment – for all student and prospective student-related issues and queries 012 529 8132 012 529 8202
Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital 0861 00 VETS (8387)
Anatomy and Physiology 012 529 8262 012 529 8267
Anatomy 012 529 8267 012 529 8262
Physiology 012 529 8262 012 529 8267
Electron Microscope Unit 012 529 8212 012 529 8497
Endocrine Research Laboratory 012 529 8188 012 529 8033
Plastination Unit 012 529 8267 012 529 8247
Companion Animal Clinical Studies 012 529 8260 012 529 8139
Paraclinical Sciences 012 529 8239 012 529 8057
Pharmacology and Toxicology 012 529 8239 012 529 8057
Phytomedicine 012 529 8525 012 529 8239
Pathology 012 529 8057 012 529 8239
Veterinary Public Health 012 529 8181 012 529 8239
Production Animal Studies 012 529 8013 012 529 8170
Epidemiology 012 529 8013 012 529 8170
Milk Laboratory 012 529 8405 012 529 8461
Poultry 012 529 8334 012 529 8224
Reproduction 012 529 8218 012 529 8216
Ruminant Health and Production 012 529 8241 012 529 8013
Production Animal Clinical 012 529 8013 012 529 8218
Veterinary Tropical Diseases 012 529 8269 012 529 8384
Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies 012 529 8508 012 529 8558
Equine Research Centre 012 529 8068 012 529 8508
Exotic Leather Research Centre 012 529 8542 012 529 8522
UP Biomedical Research Centre 012 529 8194 012 529 8337
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory 012 529 8240 012 529 8179
Dean 012 529 8082 012 529 8185
Deputy Dean Teaching and Learning 012 529 8439 012 529 8185
Deputy Dean Research and Postgraduate Studies 012 529 8185 012 529 8439
Faculty Manager 012 529 8203 012 529 8185
Communications and Media 012 529 8436 012 529 8201
Human Resources 012 529 8394 012 529 8500
Jotello F Soga Library 012 529 8009 012 529 8007
Education Innovation 012 529 8251 012 529 8232
Creative Studios 012 529 8195 012 529 8097
Click on the links below to view departmental staff pages
university of pretoria faculty of veterinary science
Department of Anatomy and Physiology
Department of Companion Animal Clinical Studies
Department of Paraclinical Sciences
Department of Production Animal Studies
Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases

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