university of Pretoria online courses

By | August 20, 2020

university of Pretoria online courses

university of pretoria online courses

university of Pretoria online courses

Learning Online at University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria Online suggestions a future-focused approach to studying, with a rising number of part-time, fully online postgraduate programmes, to brand quality education reachable to a wider student audience. Finishing your accredited qualification from a top university, means you don’t need to travel to classes or pay for extra accommodation. University of Pretoria Online courses Online studies offer you the freedom to continue your education and your normal employment. The online modules permit you to study anytime, anywhere, and on any device with the care and motivation of call centre staff and online facilitators. A further advantage of enrolling for a UPOnline programme is that you only need to pay for one module at a time.

Excellence Education

This is a completely new mode of schooling at the University of Pretoria. Students in a traditional situation register once a year for four or five modules that must be occupied concurrently. In the online model, we take in new students every eight/sixteen weeks, with six intakes a year. You will, therefore, enroll for a single module at a time and only pay for the module that you are busy with. You will be measured constantly throughout the module, accruing your grades as you progress. At the end of the 8 (or 16) week module, upon respectable completion, you will register and pay for your next module.

The excellence of, and gratitude for the fully online qualifications, is the same as with all other UP offerings, in the traditional face-to-face/contact mode of delivery. Meanwhile, all of UP’s academic programmes are qualified by the Council for Higher Education (CHE), the same hard process applies to the online programmes. The advantage of a fully online study selection is that students are not obligated to attend lectures or write exams on campus. Students can do their studies online at anyplace, and involve various assessment opportunities during the module such as projects, assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, and journals.

Unique around University of Pretoria offerings?

One can envisage a number of unique features when he/she enrol in a UPOnline programme.

  • In a UPOnline programme, there is no bodily face-to-face component, though there could be a virtual face-to-face contact. All communications with staff and students, educational content, learning activities, assessment, and support services are combined and take place online.
  • Online programmes permit access to programme material on any device if a sure internet connection is available.
  • Although certain online programmes are presented on a full-time basis, the most are offered part-time.
  • The online programmes are planned with 6 enrolment opportunities per year.
  • You can enrol for a single module at a time according to our rules. Modules may be 7 or 14 weeks in duration.
  • Through the year modules are arranged as 7 weeks of learning, with 1 week recess in-between modules. In December there is an additional recess period.
  • Payment made can be per module, or in full payment upfront.
  • Coursework is obtaining semi-synchronously, explaining that, you will need to do some parts of a module at your own pace, but others on a static schedule. Usually, new content and assignments are out on a weekly basis. Note that, you might still connect synchronously in “real-time” via a virtual medium with your fellow students and online facilitators if there is a need to do so.
  • Furthermore to the online facilitators, UPOnline programmes have keen call centre staff who inspire and help you with any questions you may have.

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