up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

By | July 8, 2020

up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

Why Enrol in a UPOnline Programme

The University of Pretoria has more than 112 years of experience amazing coaching and getting to know and is ranked within the top 500 universities globally.

You can now access our first-rate instructional programs from anywhere inside the international. UPOnline is domestic to a developing range of element-time, completely online postgraduate programs.

You can look at anywhere, every time and on any device without the need to journey to campus for training or pay for accommodations. You can in addition your studies at the equal time as you determine, and with UP behind your call, grow to be even more employable and experience extra professional possibilities. All you need is a stable internet connection to get admission to your modules at any time on your device.

With UPOnline, you may now not be alone because of the truth there are devoted facilitators and a contactable group of workers equipped to help, inspire you and assist with any queries you could have. The UPOnline platform is also conducive to you asking questions and consulting with your facilitators.

UPOnline programs are designed to be mainly in interactive learning environments. You’ll be sharing ideas with college students from across the area. Live chats, dialogue boards, and on-line video conversation equipment all help you turn out to be more related to an expansive professional community. See Also-up online application 2022-2023 postgraduateup online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

You can start whenever it’s handy for you due to the fact there are 6 begin dates a year. This is fantastic to a conventional educational calendar which typically handiest has one enrolment possibility within the yr, as an example in January.

When analyzing on-line, you only popularity on, and pay for a single eight or 16-week module at a time.

Your postgraduate journey starts here! Click here to #ChooseUP and request information on a UPOnline program that’s relevant to you.

See Also-up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate-up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

up online application 2021-2022 postgraduate

University of Pretoria Online Application 2022-2023

Once you’ve got made an initial inquiry and it has been established via the UP Online Call Centre that you are an eligible student, you’ll obtain verbal exchange from the University of Pretoria. This conversation will offer you a link on the way to come up with a direct get right of entry to the University of Pretoria’s Online Study Application System. This link consists of a completely unique token to your online have a look at application which can only be used once. Copy and paste this link into your browser’s address line. The URL will open the landing web page of the University of Pretoria’s on-line study software machine. See Also-up online application 2022-2023 postgraduateup online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

You will be required to offer an email cope with to which the University can send a conversation. Please take care while providing your email deal with not making typing mistakes. Note that there are four steps to finish and these steps ought to be carried out in sequential order in order that the software is correctly commenced.

You will be required to seize personal and contact info, provide your preceding tertiary schooling records, choose you to examine desire, and add a sequence of files. You will want to have positive records prepared, and have the helping files electronically available, without which you will no longer be able to finish your online application. up online application 2021-2022 postgraduate

NOTE-Applying students should check up Application guidelines before Applying

You will only be able to submit your online application once you have:

Completed the online study application form.

-Uploaded all the supporting documents in PDF format.

-Paid the application fee.

-Verified the application and clicked ‘APPLY’.

-If you have not clicked ‘APPLY’, your form has not been submitted.

Once your application has been successfully submitted:

-You will no longer be able to edit your application.

-You will receive your allocated student number (EMPLID) via email.

-You will receive important procedures on how to check your progress and application results on the student portal.

Before a student may be able to register, a contract desires to be concluded between the scholar and the University of Pretoria. Students need to get admission to the settlement online at the UP Portal, Student Centre. Students are required to complete the settlement online, publish, print, the signal after which upload to the Upload Supporting Documentation phase in the Student Centre at the UP Portal.

All inquiries regarding registration must be directed to enquiries@online.up.ac.za.
Please note that you must renew your registration at the beginning of each module until you comply with all the requirements for the qualification. Should you fail to renew your registration at the beginning of a particular module, you will not be entitled to clickUP access or to guidance by your lecturers/supervisor.

We strongly recommend that you register in ClickUp for the Orientation Module at least one week before the start of your first module. The Orientation Module will provide you with information necessary to make a success of your online learning journey. Your Student Success Coordinator will assist you in the onboarding process and navigating through the orientation module. up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate-up online application 2022-2023 postgraduate

Be sure to access your ClickUp homepage and work through the Orientation module before your academic module starts.

For further application instructions

To learn more about the application process, please visit: application-instructions

-The start date is the date on which your first module will commence.

-The application deadline is 2 weeks before the start date.

-Registration opens 4 weeks before the session starts and closes one day before the module session commences.

-Payment deadline is 5 days after the module start date and if the payment is not received access to Blackboard/clickUP is revoked.

-Registration: You must register for each module before the registration deadline.

For more information on up application/registration deadlines click here

Take the lead to Apply by checking these useful links below

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