up online yearbook 2022-2023 pdf

By | July 17, 2020

up online yearbook 2022-2023 pdf

up online yearbook 2021-2022 pdf

up online yearbook 2022-2023 pdf

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The Yearbook is there to provide registered students with information about their degree programmes. This includes admission requirements, the curriculum, as well as specific details regarding the programme. Important information about the modules, such as credit value, contact time and prerequisites, are all listed. It also includes faculty-specific information as well as the General Regulations and Rules, which students should take note of to ensure they make a success of their studies.

Prospective students are advised to ensure that they comply with the Admission Requirements as set out on What to Study for the year in which they wish to apply, as this may differ from the current yearbook information. Read See Also-up online yearbook 2022-2023 pdfup online yearbook 2022-2023 pdf

University of Pretoria Brief Summary Kindly read it

The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest contact university in South Africa that produce social impact research to find solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. University of Pretoria has a high quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, online and communities. Pretoria has support in place for students to graduate on time as well-rounded, responsible citizens fully prepared for the world beyond university.

Once you have made an initial enquiry and it has been established by the UP Online Call Centre that you are an eligible student, you will receive communication from the University of Pretoria. This communication will provide you with a link that will give you direct access to the University of Pretoria’s Online Study Application System. This link includes a unique token for your online study application that can only be used once. Copy and paste this link into your browser’s address line. The URL will open the landing page of the University of Pretoria’s online study application system.

You will be required to provide an email address to which the University can send communication. Please take care when providing your email address not to make typing errors. Note that there are four steps to complete and these steps must be done in sequential order so that the application is correctly started. Read Also-up online yearbook 2022-2023 pdfup online yearbook 2022-2023 pdf

You will be required to capture personal and contact details, provide your previous tertiary education information, select your study choice, and upload a series of documents. You will need to have certain information ready, and have the supporting documents electronically available, without which you will not be able to complete your online application.

University of Pretoria Admission Requirements

Requirements / APS

The statutory minimum requirements for degree studies is a National Senior Certificate (NSC), with a minimum achievement level of 4 (50%–59%) in four recognized NSC 20-credit subjects from the designated subject list below:

Accounting, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics,ƒ Engineering Graphics and Design, Geography, History, Information Technology, Languages,ƒ Life Sciences, Mathematical Literacy, Mathematics, Music, Physical Science, Religion Studies, Visual Art

The NBT is compulsory for prospective students applying to the Faculties of Health Sciences and Veterinary Sciences. All other study programmes it is not compulsory but it is considered when looking at your application. For More information on University of Pretoria Admission Requirements kindly follow this link

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