UP Undergraduate Programmes

By | July 18, 2020

UP Undergraduate Programmes for distance education

UP Undergraduate Programmes for distance education

UP Undergraduate Programmes 

1. The Advanced Diploma in School Leadership and Management (SLM)

The Advanced Diploma in School Leadership and Management is an undergraduate qualification. After obtaining this qualification, students may apply for enrolment for a postgraduate diploma (or a BEdHons if they also hold an undergraduate degree as outlined above).

1.1 Academic requirements

Candidates can be admitted if they hold one of the following qualifications:

  • A four-year Bachelor of Education degree, or a general first degree or diploma, plus a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, or a former Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Education may be presented for admission.

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  • A former Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) (Level 6 on the former eight-level NQF) or a former Further Diploma in Education, which  follows  a  former  professional  teaching  qualification,  or    a former four-year Higher Diploma in Education, may also be presented for admission into an Advanced Diploma.

In addition, a new Advanced Certificate (Level 6 on the current 10-level NQF), which followed a former Diploma in Education (including a National Professional Diploma in Education) ,may also be presented for admission into an Advanced Diploma.

Further specialisation in a teaching subject, offered through an Advanced Diploma at Level 7, requires cognate studies in that subject at Level 6 in the entry qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Students who successfully completed the previous national ACE in School Management or Leadership (or an equivalent qualification) may apply for advanced standing in the programme by making an application and completing an RPL portfolio.

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1.2 Additional requirements

In addition to the formal academic admission requirements mentioned above, please note the following for distance education students taking this programme:

Prospective students must demonstrate basic ICT skills. This can be done by completing a challenge examination, providing evidence of appropriate ICT training at NQF Level 5 and weighted at 12 credits or by enrolling for and completing the following module for non-degree purposes:

ICT 430: ICT for teachers

Prospective students must complete specific ICT training, offered by the University of Pretoria, either online or by contact. This ICT training includes familiarising students with ClickUP, the Blackboard online- learning platform used by the University of Pretoria. For students who enroll for ICT 430: ICT for teachers, this will be built into the module, but students who do not take this module will still require ICT training specific to ClickUP.

Prospective students must have access to a computer, as well as to the internet, and must sign a declaration stating this.

Students without access to a computer and/or the internet should enquire about the possibility of receiving financial support for this purpose

1.3 Study programme

The study programme is designed to enable students to complete two modules per examination session. The modules are combined into four blocks of two modules each.

Block 1 PFO 435

PFO 436
ELP 430
Professional Portfolio (RPL)

Professional Portfolio: Part 1
Education System, Law and Policy
Block 2 PFO 435

MBR 430
EDM 431
Professional Portfolio (RPL)

Personnel Management
School Leadership and Management: Part 1
Block 3 EDM 432

OWG 430
School Leadership and Management: Part 2

Community Management
Block 4 EDO 430

PFO 437
Organisational Management

Professional Portfolio: Part 2
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UP Undergraduate ProgrammesUP Undergraduate Programmes

UP Undergraduate ProgrammesUP Undergraduate Programmes 

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