UWC Accommodation for Students 2024-2025

By | August 8, 2022

UWC Accommodation for Students 2024-2025

UWC Accommodation for Students 2024-2025


UWC Accommodation for Students 2024-2025

For students attending the University of the Western Cape, housing is available. A variety of lodging choices are available through UWC, including shared apartments, room and board, and self-catering. The campus of UWC is home to a number of facilities, including a library, a gym, and a student center.

How to Apply for UWC Accommodations Online

  • Applicants’ online application. Await notification of shortlisting. Receiving payment or a confirmation of scholarship reserves a room!

Applicants who are full scholarship holders

  • If you have been awarded a bursary, you must submit a letter from the bursar stating the full amount in Rand, the date of release, and whether Kovacs will be paid directly or through the university. A sample letter asking for this is available on our website; please email it to us (click on the link at the last bottom). Only bursary students who pay through the university will receive approval, assuming there are no unpaid fees owed to UWC.


  • Kovac’s permission cannot be obtained through NSFAS approval, which is only given after intake, so applicants for NFSAS bursaries should be aware of this. Please get in touch with our office if you receive NSFAS permission throughout the year so we can assist you. The gap must be paid upfront for any other bursaries that only partially cover housing expenses. Please contact our accounts manager if you are unable to pay the full amount up front.


  • International transfers take seven days to clear, so non-South African students must make sure to pay on time. Payment in full is required upfront. To avoid disappointment, international students should apply for their visas well in advance. Even if they have been accepted to a UWC program, students will not be permitted to enter the houses if they do not have the required visa entry and valid passports.


  • Please be aware that the following documents are necessary for the full processing of your application.

Scholarship Holders

  • letter confirming the bursary
  • Proof of a negative or positive balance in the UWC student account SA 15%
  • bank statements for three months
  • evidence of income
  • 2 Account statements, such as those from Woolworths

Non-South African Students

  • Medical Insurance and
  • Visa
  • Here is where applicants can submit an online accommodation request.

If you need a different plan than what is described above, speak with our accounts manager.


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UWC Accommodation for Students 2024-2025

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