Vaal University of Technology Accommodation 2024-2025

By | March 7, 2023

Vaal University of Technology Accommodation 2024-2025

Vaal University of Technology Accommodation 2024-2025

Vaal University of Technology Accommodation 2024-2025

Every student at VUT has access to housing.


A student who has been accepted to live on campus cannot automatically request that they be assigned a specific room in a particular residence. A student may have a room assigned by the university.

When assigning rooms, consider the following:

  • Double rooms will preferably be provided to first-year students in campus residence halls. When selecting rooms, professional advice, such as that given by counselors or doctors, that points in the opposite direction will be taken into consideration.
    It would be ideal for graduate and postgraduate students to have individual rooms.
In 2024, Vaal University of Technology VUT’s lodging costs will be as follows:
New Residence Phase 1 R15070.00 R30140.00
New Residence Phase 2 R15070.00 R30140.00
Science Park Residence R15070.00 R30140.00
Estimated costs for meals: Yearly R12000.00 R24000.00

Is there lodging at VUT?

  • The university will assign a residence to each student based on their application, so students cannot choose their own. Double rooms will be given to first-year students, while single rooms will be given to postgraduate and graduate students. Off-campus student housing that is accredited is also available.


Students’ housing is provided by the residence department, which includes the following:


Residence matters updates

List of Accredited Formerly Leased Buildings

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