Wits online Registration 2024-2025

By | February 24, 2023

Wits online Registration 2024-2025

Wits online Registration 2024-2025

Wits online Registration 2024-2025

You can learn more about Wits online Registration 2024–2025 on this page.

Online Registration at Wits

  • To access the Wits Student Self-Service Portal and log in, please click here.
  • Navigate to the Academic Information tile.
  • The best option is to register online.
  • To continue with online registration, select “Next.”
  • Verify any private information you have. From the menu, select “Register Online.”
  • For:
  • DIRECT THE WORK: 1) Choose the times and courses. 2. Select “Validate.” 3. Select “Enroll.” 4) Accept the Terms and Conditions; 5) Choose “Submit” from the menu.
At the moment, you are listed as one of the registered users.
We congratulate you on your decision to continue your undergraduate education at Wits and wish you continued success in school.

Click on each of the steps listed below to learn what you need to do to register for the 2024 academic year.

Accept your offer.

  • You will receive an SMS in January 2024, shortly after the results are announced, confirming your firm offer if you received the National Senior Certificate or an equivalent school-leaving certification this year.
    In order to confirm your status and accept your offer, go to the self-service portal.
    Through SMS or the Self-Service portal, the offer must be accepted within a specified time frame. If you decline the offer, the spot will be given to another student. Acceptances will not be made via email or phone. Only one offer can be accepted at a time.
    You might learn that your application has been put on hold or that your name has been added to a waiting list.
    We’ll keep an eye on the situation every day and, if necessary, notify you via SMS or self-service.

Set up your first tuition payment / Confirm your bursary or scholarship
The Initial Payment

  • Before registering, self-funded students must submit their first tuition payment. Every student is required to pay a fixed R9340 fee. This fee must be paid by students before they can register. Four days before registration, EFT payments must be sent and cleared.
    Students can complete the postponement on the student self-service portal and then immediately proceed to online registration if they are unable to make this payment by the time they enroll. In order to pay the full year’s fees by the end of May, you will need to request a delay.
    You are not eligible to request a postponement until you have accepted an enrollment offer in a program.
You are not required to pay the initial fee if you:
  • have been given a full Wits University Scholarship, met the eligibility requirements, and have received a tentative offer for NSFAS financing for 2024. Your family’s annual income must be less than R350,000. If this applies to you, you must use the self-service portal to ask for a delay in paying the initial fee.

Students requesting NSFAS or bursaries

  • Before February 2024, all supporting documentation must be uploaded by students requesting NSFAS or bursaries.
    Information on prices, terms, and financing Please visit the Student Fees and Financial Aid and Scholarships Administration (FASO) websites for information on fees, various financing options, scholarships, and bursaries.
    Questions may be directed to either the Fees Office, the Financial Aid Office, or the Scholarships Office beginning in January.

Contact the Fees Office at 011 717 1531 or 011 717 1888.
* Administration of Financial Aid and Scholarships: click here.
* Solomon Mahlangu (Senate) House, Braamfontein East Campus, houses offices on the ground floor.

On or before registration, international students

  • must pay 75% of the annual tuition, as well as other related costs like the cost of living on campus.
  • Before you can register, the International Students Office must consent. Go here for clearance information that will allow you to register.
  • Additionally, the International Students Office can be contacted for inquiries; Please find contact information here.

Register before the deadline

  • Using the Self-Service Portal from home to register is recommended for most students.
  • You can register on campus at Assisted Registration if you need help or can’t complete your registration online. Curriculum counseling might be one way to receive this assistance.
  • Online and assisted registration are subject to dates and deadlines established by the faculty. Your offer will be withdrawn if you do not complete your registration by these deadlines.
  • A student whose registration is late will not be guaranteed a spot by the institution. Here, you can check the dates of your registration.

Registration assistance

  • If you need special assistance or are unable to register online, you can register on campus during Assisted Registration on the dates set by your faculty.
  • At Assisted Registration, you can get your student card, parking permit, and goody bag. At Assisted Registration, you’ll find the Fees, Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, International Students Office, Faculty Office, and Student Enrollment Center.
  • To view your enrollment dates, please click here.
  • After registering, you will have access to additional features on the self-service portal, such as your schedule and proof of registration.


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