WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

By | February 27, 2023

WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

The requirements for applying to WSU Online in 2024 and 2025 are discussed on this page.

Requirements for WSU Online admissions in 2024 and 2025

involvement in undergraduate studies

  • The bachelor’s degree program will only accept candidates whose National Senior Certificate (NSC) results show that they meet the requirements for admission to a bachelor’s degree and have been endorsed for a bachelor’s degree.
    Under the old Senior Certificate, only applicants with a Matriculation Exemption endorsement would be considered for admission.

System of Admission Points (APS)

The Faculty of Education uses a point system to admit students.
The achievement levels are then used to calculate the points for each NSC subject.
Points (APS) will be used to calculate the total Admission Point Score.
An APS of at least 26 is required for a bachelor’s degree.
As suggested by Universities South Africa (Usaf), the administration of entrance point scores was considered by the Faculty of Education’s Admissions Committee.
Because it helps students whose work is superior to others, the Committee recognizes the significance of the achievement level breakdown.
The following is how the points will be distributed in accordance with the Usaf plan:

NSC % per Subject Points
91% 9,1
86% 8,6
82% 8,2
79% 7,9
64% 6,4
55% 5,5
43% 4,3
39% 3,9
31% 3,1
30% 3,0
29% 2,9
28% 2,8
27% 2,7
26% 2,6
25% 2,5

In contrast to the previous point system, in which a learner with 70% and a learner with 79 percent would each receive 7 points, the above division will assist the department in admitting students based on their performance.
It should be noted that life orientation and mathematical literacy are not taken into account by the aforementioned score system.
Each of these two gets the following number of points:

NSC % per Subject    Points
90% – 100% 5
80% – 89% 4
79% – 79% 3
60% – 69% 2
50% – 59% 1
40% – 49% 0
30% – 30% 0
0 – 29%

Criteria for Admission by Program

  • qualification in education (FP) The minimum requirements for high school graduation are a Senior Certificate with a Matriculation Exemption Endorsement, two or more E (HG) or D (SG) grades in isiXhosa HL, English FAL or HL, Mathematics, and passing grade in any two other school subjects.

NSC Minimum Conditions

  • For a bachelor’s endorsement, an NSC achievement rating of at least level 2 (30-39%) in mathematics or level 4 (50-59%) in mathematical literacy is required.
    In both IsiXhosa (50-59 percent) and English (60-69%), it must be at least level 4. (40-49 percent) select at least two additional level three subjects.
    It is necessary to master IsiXhosa and English, the two languages used for instruction and study.
    The foundation phase or early childhood development (ECD) level 5 EDTP SETA certifications of potential candidates will be taken into consideration.
    Senior Certificate holders are exempt from the mature age requirement under Rule 1.7 of the WSU General Rules and Regulations.

Documents required of International Students

  • You must apply to Universities in South Africa (Usaf) in order to have your school records and other degree or diploma certificates evaluated.
    You can begin the application process by uploading the results and a copy of your passport as soon as you receive them from USAF.
    Please get in touch with the CCIP headquarters at for more information.

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